• October 9, 2012

Cool Calendars? It’s About Time.

  • Written by Printing Professional

A calendar is something we all use and usually don’t even consider much.  It is there to tell us what day it is and what we have to do.  Since it is something you use everyday, why not make it more interesting and unique?

A German paint company, Alpina, did just that.  To showcase some of their paint colors, they have made a huge calendar from paper that takes up an entire wall.  Each month is a different color.  At the beginning of the month, you tear off the old month and you have not only a new month, but also an entirely new color for your wall.  

That calendar is large but not as large as the calendar created to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of a school in Kharagpur, India.  Measuring 260 feet by 20 feet, it holds the record for the world’s largest wall calendar.  Each date features photos of the students who were born on that day.

The artist Oscar Diaz looked at the idea of a print calendar in an entirely different way.   His piece “Ink Calendar” uses capillary action to draw ink into a calendar embossed on paper.  As the day progresses, the date is “printed” by the ink.  It is precisely timed so that it takes an entire day for that day’s date to be filled in with ink.

A calendar is the perfect way to put your company at the top of your customers’ minds every day.  At Accent Printing Solutions we can help you create something unique to ensure your print calendar is memorable.