• March 3, 2014

Reprographics in New York City–What Do Our Customers Really Need to Know? The View from Our Side

  • Written by Printing Professional

Doing business in New York City is like no other place in the world. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s competitive. In short, it’s challenging and exciting. From our perspective, having more than 10 years serving clients of all types and sizes in Manhattan and the surrounding counties, it’s about the backdrop of the dynamic business environment where our clients reside every day, as much as it is about the final delivered product.

The customers who seek our reprographic services in New York City represent the best of the best. Whether they’re art directors at advertising agencies, corporate communications managers, or office managers of large legal or financial firms, they all share one common characteristic: they’re good at what they do, or they wouldn’t be in the positions they hold. That’s the essence of doing business in New York.  They have responsibilities to get things done right each and every time, and have lots of people looking at them and judging their performance. The stakes are high, they know it, and we know it as well.

It’s here where we choose to toot our own horn, as we bring to all of our clients, the best possible customer journey in the industry. We call it the “Accent Printing Solutions Way.”

We know, at the end of the day, it’s not about technology, color, price, or delivery, it’s about making sure we meet the needs of our clients—head-on with straight-to-the-point information, no fluff, and only honest dialog.  What we do behind the scenes and the very way our representatives communicate throughout every corner of our organization enable Accent Printing Solutions to provide superior reprographic services in New York City, where nothing less than spectacular performance is acceptable.

At Accent Printing Solutions, the old school is alive and well in 2014. With so many businesses moving toward the point-click-and-ship mode of commerce, Accent continues to operate under the consultative sales model. Of course, we engage the latest technology along the way, but our client’s concerns surrounding the creation of any reprographic product are paramount to the overall success of any assignment. At times the issues may be simple in nature or involve complex logistics, delivery schedules, distribution, last minute design changes—you name it, no matter what it is, we’re on it. Flexibility at this level isn’t found at the click of a computer mouse.  It requires that people be empowered to make decisions under fire, and it requires that the proper systems be in place to ensure streamlined delivery.

We follow our client projects from conception through completion and delivery.  We solicit feedback whenever we can, take praise with our heads held high and constructive criticism or ideas for improvement very seriously as part of our quest for continuous improvement.

We’re proud of the Accent Printing Solutions Way and don’t mind sharing it with our friends, clients, and business colleagues. The things that keep us up at night also ensure that our clients sleep well, knowing their projects are more than just job numbers making their way through the system. We take ownership of every project, and we work to provide the best customer journey as possible.

Companies who need reprographic services in New York need to know about Accent Printing Solutions. If you’re already working with someone else, we respect that.  All we ask is for the opportunity to speak with you and learn about your business in the hopes that someday soon, you’ll allow us to take you along on the Accent Printing Customer Journey.