• March 10, 2014

How We Differ from Online & “Big-Box” Print Companies

  • Written by Printing Professional

Big-box printing companies are much like big-box stores. The service is impersonal, and while the selection may be fairly large, it can’t be customized to fit you. In fact, it’s a lot like the introduction of Henry Ford’s Model T. You can order any color you want as long as it’s black.

Although the comparison is a bit harsh, it is based on the fact that big-box printing companies are indeed printers, but in reality they aren’t in the same business we are. They’re in the printing business, and that’s the only business they’re in. Accent Printing Solutions is also in the printing business. But we’re also in the customer service business.

Almost invariably, before a project even hits the Accent Printing facility in New Jersey, it has gone through a number of checks to ensure the client’s vision can be successfully created, finished as necessary, and delivered to their full specifications. This level of “consultative sales” doesn’t come with big-box printers who just print what’s sent to them.

Why does this matter? It starts with the level of product we produce and the nature of our own client base in New Jersey and New York City.

Our clients vary from Fortune 500 companies down to single practitioner consultants, and in all cases the final product we produce is designed to protect the very brand and image that our clients labor so hard to create and maintain. These are firms where small imperfections, sometimes not even visible to the untrained eye, can make the difference between success and failure. Imperfections are not tolerated by our clients. And we have too much competition for their business to deliver anything less than excellent.

Whether our clients require simple sell sheets or sophisticated fundraising materials (like ad journals), whether they need tens of thousands of point of sale materials or simply a set of business cards, they want printed materials that reflect the same care, energy, and investment that they have put into their brand and their image.

It’s worth noting that some big-box printers are not even printers at all. Through modern Internet technology, orders sent to these firms are sent around the world and awarded to the lowest cost printing facility who often gangs runs the printing of assignments with other client’s projects. Maybe that’s not a problem if you’re ordering the “business cards are free” package for your new construction business, but it’s of of great concern if you’re printing the annual report to shareholders of a Fortune 100 company.

Accent Printing Solutions isn’t for everybody, but we do work hard to make our services available to clients at all levels.

If you do come in for simple business cards, we’re are going to give you the same excellent service as a Madison Avenue Advertising Agency. However, we’re also going to get to know you and stick with you, so we’re right there when you grow to the point where you need special graphics for your tradeshow displays and other events where you present your company to new audiences for your products and services. You’re not going to get this level of attention from a big-box printer.

It’s been said, “You’re known by the company you keep,” and Accent Printing Solutions has worked hard to become the preferred printing and marketing communications company to New Jersey and New York’s most prestigious and well-known advertising and public relations agencies as well as more than a few major nonprofit organizations, universities, medical centers, and corporations—all of which have exacting specifications and expectations of nothing less than perfection, from their overall customer journey with Accent Printing Solutions to the final delivery of their projects.

We invite you to join this elite club of reprographic professionals who know what they want and know that Accent Printing Solutions will deliver for them no matter what the challenge. To steal a slogan from the Motel 8 advertising campaign, give Accent Printing a chance, and see what we have to offer: “We will leave the light on for you.”