• March 17, 2014

The Value of Customer Retention & How This Relates to Reprographic Services

  • Written by Printing Professional

Doing business in today’s competitive environment goes far beyond producing a quality product or even providing great service. Companies truly in the game not only need to know their craft inside and out but must look at things from their customer’s point of view, complete with knowledge of the environment in which their customers work and the challenges their customers face to stay current in their field.

Increasingly, business services are being viewed as commodities in much the same way that physical goods and products are viewed. Procurement of goods and services by large organizations using contemporary supply chain best practices are moving more of their buying decisions in this direction, and from where we sit, the results are not always in the best interests of the customer, no matter what the theoretical basis of the supply chain management decisions might be.

Reprographic and printing services aren’t exempt from these changes, and they concern all of us at Accent Printing Solutions.

Change is nothing new for us as we’ve been early adopters of important technology and have followed fluctuations in printing and reproduction since opening our doors in 2003, but recent developments deserve discussion.

Why do we even mention this? The answer is simple—we believe to remain relevant in our clients’ minds/careers and to retain our business relationships, we must be as transparent as possible about our company, the services we provide, the technology we utilize, and the people who make up our team. After all, when a client comes to Accent Printing Solutions, these are all the things they rely on no matter what the particulars of their project. They’re not looking for printing; they’re looking for solutions to a problem. And when all things are considered, it is our hope that you understand that that simple fact separates us from being just another commodity.

Supply chain principles may make sense for a business selling cases of mustard or pallets of dashboards, but when it comes to printing services, which entail custom-made products and client-specific tailored services, all with multiple nuances, options, and numerous decisions to be made along the way, it’s a safe bet to say the Accent Printing Solutions’s way of doing business makes sense.

Certainly we are always looking to welcome new clients to our firm, but the largest part of our focus is on retaining and meeting the reoccurring needs of our existing clients.
To this end, we are not a job shop or project mill. Our clients are repeat purchasers of our services. Most of the clients we service are seasoned professionals in their fields with on-going needs, working on high visibility projects, who are clear in their direction and often take advantage of the diverse range of creative design, production, technical, and logistics expertise housed here at Accent Printing Solutions—expertise that is available to them almost instantly via phone or email.

Taking time to invest in our business relationships builds incredible trust over time and fosters creativity and innovation. It’s not uncommon for clients to call us and start off the conversation with, “What do you think of XYZ?” We respond accordingly, and many times a new project is born or morphs into something completely different in nature. Accent Printing’s products solve communications problems, and when our clients need help defining the exact nature of their issue, we’re more than happy to explore ideas and options with them. Again, this is all part of how we run our business.

If you think there’s value in having Accent Printing Solutions as a resource for you, give us a call and we can start on the most important project of all—getting to know each other.