Large Format Poster Printing

A major cellular service provider company in the metropolitan area manages corporate communications and in-house publications and displays.


The client required oversized posters to be printed/mounted quickly for in-house presentations and concept meetings. The client required that multiple sizes be produced on various substrates. For example, the client might require a dozen 24"x36" matte posters mounted on foamcore or 42"x96" gloss posters printed and mounted on gatorboard. These projects usually require half-day turnaround and delivery by the following morning.


By properly planning and strategically partnering with vendors, Accent Printing Solutions was able to meet the deadlines for this client. Using equipment that could meet the needs of the client and "smart stocking" the appropriate consumables, posters were printed within the timeframe to be mounted/laminated as needed.


With Accent managing the project, the client can focus on its core competency while relying on Accent to accurately produce and deliver material on time.
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