Online Ordering

A company in the financial industry needed to find an easy way to order corporate business cards online.


The client wants to order stationery and primarily business cards online. Multiple people are allowed to place orders, and a single agent would be responsible for approving the cards and would assign one of the several legal disclosure statements on the back of each card.


Accent Printing Solutions has the capability to set up the online ordering system via a third-party that can build web to print online digital storefronts. With this system we can display the corporate template for the business cards online. The client can enter the business card’s information, view real-time proofs, and approve for print. The disclosure statements can be selected from a standard menu to minimize mistakes. Pricing and various job specifications can be accessed using the fully customized system. Accent would receive the ready-for-print orders, and the ordering process is streamlined. This process allows clients to manage their own proofs and view their order history.


The client is happy with the process, and orders can be placed any time of the day.

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