Kitting, Assembly Services, Fulfillment

At times, there may be multiple components that will need to be assembled in order to make a finished piece. Whether you need a letter inserted into an envelope or require a more complex assembly of custom pocket folders, CD/DVDs, brochures, product samples, and marketing collateral, we have solutions that will meet your need.

We have multiple levels of quality checking and guidelines that will give you peace of mind knowing that projects are assembled accurately. Accent Printing Solutions knows that every job is unique and must be treated with the utmost care. Our fulfillment team has the experience to work on your next "pick, pack, and ship" project whether it be a press kit, training packet, or conference binder. Keep Accent Printing Solutions at the top of your mind when the following is required:

Benefits of kitting services include:

  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Third-party Logistics
  • Distribution and Fulfillment
  • Manual or Mechanized Collating
  • CD / DVD Replication
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Wafer / Tab Sealing
  • Labeling
  • Glue Dotting
  • Velcro Tabs / Strips
  • Order Fulfillment
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