• May 5, 2011

Consider Accent Printing Solutions A Partner In Publishing and Printing

  • Written by Printing Professional

Contact: Michael Tan
Accent Printing Solutions
New Providence, NJ 07974

New Providence, NJ  May 5, 2011 – Like many small businesses, Mike Tan understands that consultative service provides the most benefit to his customers.

Tan is the owner of Accent Printing Solutions in New Providence, NJ. Accent Printing Solutions, a former national franchised printing company, provides a full range of services that can accommodate the printing needs for any size business, including in-house layout and design services, offset printing, and bindery. Accent Printing Solutions employs marketing, design, and fulfillment professionals, all of whom have been in the industry for over 75 years collectively.

“Our best clients are those that have a project and literally we manage it from beginning to end,” Tan explained.

Businesses of all sizes come to printing solutions providers like Accent Printing Solutions to get help with design work, trade show displays, oversize large format printing, and direct mail—anything that can be printed and used for business purposes.

“We are here to help with print projects for clients because sometimes they just don’t know what we do and what they want accomplish,” Tan said. “We help them get to the core of what they want to accomplish.”

Tan looks at the marketplace in terms of the level of service his clients typically require.

“Our larger clients know what they want and what they want to do,” Tan said. “Other times we are dealing with a new business owner who is getting their business off the ground. For the latter, they may not have as much marketing and printing experience, and they need more guidance. We are a company that will handle their printed material, guide them, and maximize their budget dollars.”

Tan said that what is most important is that Accent becomes partners to his clients. In some cases, clients require printed materials for event and trade shows.

“In those cases, they need us to get their materials to whatever location and on time,” Tan said.

The future for Accent Printing Solutions looks pretty bright. Tan has begun entering new markets and looks forward to a greater diversity of services that his facility can provide.

“We’re getting more into the medical industry printing of licensed pads,” Tan said. “We are partnered with a company that will allow us to print prescription pads for New Jersey. Over time we will expand the products we offer.”

The diversity of service offerings and markets moves Accent away from the retail franchised printshop mentality.

To illustrate his emphasis even further, Tan notes that his location at 558 Central Ave is less of a storefront and more of a professional services office with meeting rooms and a welcoming atmosphere.

“We wanted to focus on more commercial solutions,” Tan explained.  Contact Accent Printing Solutions if you have corporate print management, print solutions, or printing services NJ requirements.