• July 10, 2012

A Brief History of Printing

  • Written by Printing Professional

Printing began around 3000 BC when the Mesopotamians used round cylinders to roll an impression onto clay tablets. In early Chinese and Egyptian civilizations small stamps were used to create images, and then, later, larger block-like stamps were used. European and Indian printing began with printing on cloth. Printing on paper followed later.

Highlights of printing history include:

Woodblock printing 200 AD

Moveable type 1040

Printing press 1454

Lithography 1796

Offset printing 1875

Screen printing 1907

Phototypesetting 1960s

Laser printing 1969

3D printing 2003


Printing as we know it would not exist without all these and other inventions and innovations.  Accent Printing Solutions can put all these developments to work for you, from printing and graphics to NYC printing