• November 10, 2012

Is Document Printing Still an Option in Our Digital World?

  • Written by Printing Professional

There is no denying that our world is digital.  People can communicate and share information instantaneously.  Businesses can reach thousands, or even millions, of customers with one email, post, or tweet.  Given all this, is document printing even relevant today?

The Printing Industries of America, an advocacy organization, thinks so.  It can be a vital part of an integrated marketing campaign including both traditional print and digital elements.  The four elements listed below detail why print should be a part of your campaigns.

Print Can Be Personal.

Email inboxes are cluttered everyday with marketing emails some of which may be filtered out as spam.  If your customer never sees your message, he or she can never respond to it.  Print gives you the option of personalizing your message to the viewer, through images, text, or even color to make sure that your piece is noticed.

 Print Engages.

A print marketing piece can grab the customer’s attention by appealing to more than one sense.  With a digital advertisement you are limited to sight and sound, but print can add so much more.  Engage the sense of touch with interesting textures or shapes.  Adding scent or a scratch-and-sniff element brings in the sense of smell.  Appealing to the sense of taste might be tricky, but it is possible with print.

 Print Delivers.

According to a study performed by the US Postal Service, 38% of consumers surveyed said that they were interested in the direct mail print pieces delivered to their houses.  A study conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer Council found that direct mail offers from companies they already did business with were welcomed with 67% stating that they liked receiving these.  This translates into sales too.  41% of loyalty program members ordered products through catalogs sent to them via mail.

 Print is Proven.

It seems as if the digital world has a new way of reaching customers every day.  And the hype that follows makes it confusing to know where to focus your efforts.  Print, on the other hand, is a time-tested method of reaching your customers.

If you are looking for assistance in developing the print element of your marketing strategy, contact us for advice and guidance on document printing, calendar printing, or other printing services.