• April 30, 2015

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2015

  • Written by Printing Professional

daughters sons work day take our daughters sons to work day

Here at Accent Printing Solutions, we’re all about teamwork. So when three of our coworkers asked about having their children come to our office for “National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (TODAS),” our entire staff pitched in to plan the event.

We decided to have the kids be our “customers” and walk them through the entire printing process—from the time they placed an order to the finished product.

That morning I was told by Danuta (our front desk employee and mother of two, Bartosz (10) and Natalie (6)) that I had “customers waiting in the front.”

Because I take care of customer service (and blogging), the kids all started in my office. In came Danuta with the six giggling kids ranging in age from 4 to 12. “Welcome to Accent Printing Solutions,” I announced. “May I take your order?”

I showed them how I put the orders into the computer and printed out receipts for each to take with them. Danuta then brought them to a desk where the kids could each pick out art and typefaces for their personalized projects, a 50-page notepad and a spiral bound souvenir journal.

Then down the hall they went to the Art Department to meet with our director of printing operations, Erik. He showed them his computer graphics program—InDesign—and how it worked. The kids were very excited to see their notepads coming together on the screen.

The next part of the tour was our digital printing area. Steve, our print expert, spent about 45 minutes showing them the copiers and explaining how each worked. The kids picked their own paper stock, colors for their covers, and then even punched the holes and bound their own books. Danuta showed them the binding area where the notepads were glued and left to dry.

Onward to the offset printing area where 12-year-old Wester Jr. got to see his grandfather Feliberto in action. You can see in the photo below that the kids were mesmerized with him and the big metal machines:

take our daughters sons to work day accent print shop nj
take our daughters sons to work day

Now the kids had a real feel for how a print shop works. The last stop was into the CEO’s office where the owner, Mike, presented “official certificates” stating that each child was now a Professional Printing Apprentice. Mike’s two daughters, Ava (8) and Emily (10), were so proud. All the kids came out of his office smiling and laughing.

In the meeting room they held their certificates proudly. Eating pizza and sipping their juices, they compared each other’s work. When I asked how many of them wanted to work in a print shop one day, they all raised their hands.

After pizza was done, Erik brought some of the kids back to his office to show how Photoshop works. The two oldest were especially interested. Danuta told me that after Bartosz went home, he created a piece of art on his computer similar to the one Erik had done.

take our daughters sons to work day photoshop
take our daughters sons to work day

The following day the parents said the kids had learned so much and really had a wonderful experience. Danuta mentioned that Bartosz wants to be a Lego designer someday and how this helped inspire him even more. Robert, our sales manager, said his daughter Grace had a great time. “Whatever can hold a four-year-old’s attention for three hours is a good thing!” he laughed.

On the TODAS website it says that “by involving whole communities—schools, girls and boys, parents, workplaces, and mentors—the program helps young people make connections between what they learn in school and their future goals.” We at Accent Printing Solutions were happy to participate in such a rewarding program.