• August 5, 2015

Serif or Sans Serif? That is the Question!

  • Written by Printing Professional

Right now there is lot of debate among corporations and in the printing and graphics industry on which is the best to use – Serif or Sans Serif? Some deem Serif as “old fashioned” and Sans as “progressive.”

Who knew there  could be such conflict about fonts!

Here at Accent Printing Solutions we do realize many of our customers want to use a more “modern” Sans. Erik, our Director of Operations, says there’s almost a stigma for using Serif in the corporate world. Mike, Accents’ owner, thinks it’s really subjective. Below are Accent Printing’s logo and our sister company New Print Shop’s logos:

New Print Logo 3d rev1 (1) copy

Accent’s logo uses Sans Serif and it does set the tone for what we do. Mike is all about being ahead of the curve in the printing industry, learning new technology, and providing the latest in products and services such as 3D Printing (see below) and Events Services Support – a much needed service for companies planning trade shows, conferences or conventions.


The New Print Shop (NPS) logo is Serif and conveys a feeling of longevity and authority. NPS is one of the oldest print shops in New Jersey licensed to both print and sell Rx Pads. We work hand in hand with the State in guiding our customers through all the laws and State regulations. Serif is a perfect choice!

There’s also a debate on whether Sans is best for websites. Some feel it’s fine for reading but with internet’s pixilization they think Sans is easier to read. Printed pieces have resolutions of about 1,000 dots per inch (dpi), while computer monitors are around 100 dpi. According to Scribe Consulting – a writing training for business and government, “This lower resolution can make small serif characters harder to read than the equivalent sans-serif characters because of their more complex shapes.”

Again, we go back to subjectivity. While it may be true Serif is becoming an industry dinosaur and most websites are designed in Sans Serif, “traditional” businesses – such as banking or insurance firms – still rely on traditional Serif,  even on their websites.

At Accent Printing Solutions our mission is to earn the trust of our valued clients every day by successfully managing client projects, consistently producing high-quality products, and delivering exceptional service. But, in the end, the customer is always right no matter what font they choose to use!