• February 5, 2016

The Cruz Campaign Shows Direct Mailing is Still Relevant

  • Written by Printing Professional

While the jury is still out on whether Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz “stole Iowa,” as Donald Trump says about the Cruz campaign, one thing became clear – direct mailing isn’t dead.

Polls conducted before the Iowa caucus this past Monday had Trump leading Cruz, but Cruz won by more than 6,000 votes and also set a record in that state for the most votes ever received in a Republican caucus. And according to the Trump used Twitter to attack Cruz for using controversial direct mail pieces encouraging voters to vote for the Texas senator. The direct mail campaign worked though, because Cruz won the caucus and set voting records.

At Accent Printing, we’ve always provided our customers with two types of direct mailing services – traditional mailing and EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). We design, print, purchase a mailing list, and mail the finished pieces. Our customers have had tremendous results through direct mail and statistics from back this:

76% of households read mail advertisements

73% of people prefer mail for ads and information

Nine out of ten people open direct mail

67% feel mail is more personal

woman-opening-mail-direct mail

So, while we still won’t know who will win the Republican Presidential campaign, we know that businesses that use direct mail always end up winning more customers.