• February 26, 2016

Choosing the Right Sign for Your Business

  • Written by Printing Professional

Many times when people open a business they consider inventory, location, business cards and ads. Yet one of the first and most important impressions for a business can come from the signage. A sign reflects the character of your business and can either put your best or worst foot forward.

Signs come in a variety of materials – metal, acrylic, wood and fabric. Metal and acrylic can be used both indoor and outdoor and can withstand harsh weather. Wood has to be maintained and treated occasionally while fabric will be replaced every other season or so. So whether the sign will be indoors or out is part of the decision making.



Wood can convey an antique or rustic/outdoor feeling and sets the tone for those types of businesses:



Signs come in all shapes and sizes and can convey exactly what you want to express to your customers. Recently a client/doctor came to Accent Printing for a sign for his outer office door. He already had a vibrant sandwich board sign outside his building. He wanted something that expressed strength, professionalism, elegance and would be “eye-catching” because of the amount of foot traffic on his floor. Going through samples of brushed metal, 3D acrylic and others he finally chose a smaller brushed aluminum sign that fit perfectly his needs.

And remember – size matters. Small is fine for an office door but bigger is better when it comes to businesses along busy roads. Make sure the letters are large, legible and the colors are contrasting so they stand out.

Signs really are an extension not only of your business but of what your company represents. Like that doctor who chose a strong and professional sign, they can also be soft and elegant like this one below. Definitely not a hardware store!


Signs are how you draw target customers inside. Better signs can mean better business.