• March 11, 2016

Are Business Cards Still Important?

  • Written by Printing Professional

Giving business cards to prospects and customers and are the first impression they have of your company and a personalized form of marketing. Today, in this high tech world, there are still several reasons to use printed business cards:

More personal than an email

According to a study at Oxford University, one of the most important aspect of social interaction is eye-contact. “Without eye contact (EC), people do not feel that they are fully in communication.” Electronic communication is great for ease and conveniency, but handing someone a business card and looking them in the eye will have more impact and more chances for further contact. And make sure you use proper “business card etiquette” – “Skill with People” by Les Giblin. When you hand someone a card make sure to ask for theirs in return and look at it. This can turn a brief encounter into a discussion about them and their business.


Makes a good first impression of your company and your brand

Your logo, the colors, the paper – all of these are the first impression of your company. Business cards are the beginning of helping to establish your brand. Good design is especially important and catchy slogans will make your company stand out.


Inexpensive promotional piece they’ll keep and remember you by

Business cards are important to carry everywhere, especially at highly attended seminars and conventions, because they help people remember you when they get back home or to their office. Business cards can become a “call to action.”  Having a business card will often lead to a follow-up of your encounter.

Shows you’re professional and prepared


Business cards show you’re prepared, organized and you’re serious about your business. Writing your name and number on a napkin or scrap of paper doesn’t give the appearance of a polished and sophisticated businessperson.  Not having a business card will make you stand out from the crowd – but not in a positive way! – “When someone has one of your personal business cards, they’re more likely to call you back than if they have a piece of paper with your name and number on it.

And, lastly, business cards go wherever you go, making them the quintessential mobile marketing tool!