• April 22, 2016

Using Your Annual Report as a Marketing Piece

  • Written by Printing Professional

Annual reports have seldom been seen as exciting, but since they have to be done why not make them engaging and interesting to your clients and investors? With some creativity and well thought-out copy, annual reports can then be used not just for financial information, but as a chance to highlight your company’s achievements and goals. A creative annual reports can actually make your company stand out from the crowd! Here are ways to create an interesting annual report:

Images and Creative Design

In 2013 Warby Parker, the eyeglass company, was one of the first to start using their annual report to showcase what their company was about. “We want to be known as more than a company that sells glasses, and we want to be accessible to our customers,” said Director-Online Experience Tim Riley. Instead of filling the pages with dry copy, they leaned heavily on images. The effect was interesting, hip and fresh – just like their company:


Talk About What Projects Your Company Has Been Working On

Don’t just print columns of numbers. Data is important, but people like to know what goes on behind the scenes in the company they’re investing in. Describe some of the projects your company is working on. This gives your company a more human connection to the investors.

worker apple laptop office

Mention Your Employees

Again, this gives your company a human connection in time when most communication is electronic and distant. This idea was again an innovation of Warby Parker and other companies are learning from this. From an article written by Ross Crooks, a contributing writer for Forbes Magazine, he says, “In today’s marketing landscape, whether you are a product or service-oriented business, you are selling your culture, and your culture is your people.”

And If You’re Really Creative…

A solar-energy company – Austria Solar – designed an annual report that couldn’t be read until exposed to the sun. Another company made an annual report that glowed-in-the-dark, and Podravka – a food company – had one designed by creative agency bruketa-zinic that couldn’t be read until baked in the oven!

So when you’re designing your next annual report, think outside the box, break the old rules and really use this as a great opportunity to market and promote your company!