• May 26, 2016

Keys to a Creating a Successful Catalog

  • Written by Printing Professional

A catalog’s purpose is to sell products, but it’s also an important tool in building relationships with your customers/buyers, branding your image and it’s a great marketing strategy. Knowing your target audience and designing the catalog around your customers’ needs will help generate the revenue you expected by printing the catalog to begin with. Here are some keys to creating and printing a successful catalog.

Be Thorough in Your Product Description


Be detailed in your product descriptions – size, materials, where it’s made, price, etc. and  make sure to include contact information on every page of your catalog. The description can be used to tell a story of your product and can also send a message to the consumer what your company is about. The more information given to a potential customer will help encourage them to make a purchase.

Have Great Design and Photography

Designing a Successful Catalog

Catalog design is very important in branding, image building but most of all, to get the attention of potential customers!

Photos are essential in designing catalogs and it’s important to hire only professional photographers. Photos tell the story of your brand and clearly show what you’re product will look like when it’s delivered to the customer. Flattering and attractive photos will entice customers to buy even when they might not need this product! And, these photos can later be used for other marketing materials such as brochures and websites.

Know Your Customers


It’s important to find your target audience – people your brand will resonate with and who will then buy your products or services. According to Forbes Magazine, “Having a strong understanding of your audience is one of the best ways to ensure your success.”

Also, studies have shown that consumers are more likely to pass along catalogs to other people with similar interests!

Utilizing catalogs in your company’s marketing will help generate the revenue you expected. And make sure to use the best printing company to ensure your catalog looks high quality and professional. Your catalog is a reflection of your company and the best way to speak directly to the consumer.