• June 17, 2016

Tips on Planning Corporate Picnics and Outings

  • Written by Printing Professional

What do you do after you’ve chosen a date and venue for your company outing? One big tip is choosing a theme. A   theme helps create excitement for the event and according to Chicago catering company – Tasty Catering, themes truly drive the entire picnic experience and create an exciting afternoon for kids and adults alike. A theme also provides focus to your plans such as the menu, hiring entertainment, activities, and decorations.



If you’re having a “Fiesta” you’ll want to have plenty of nachos, tacos and other Mexican dishes. And “Oktober Festivals” wouldn’t be complete without  bratwurst!



There’s so many options for entertainment. Consider having DJs or bands (such as this German folk band above for the Oktoberfest,) comedians, or roving entertainment such as clowns and magicians.



A sports theme is probably one of the easiest ones to plan activities around such as relay races, softball, volleyball, etc. A western theme could feature pony rides for the kids while a circus theme would include clowns and other performers. You can even have the traditional company picnic with competitions such as potato sack races, egg tossing, relays, etc.



Nothing fully immerses your guests into the themed experience without great decorations. You can almost feel the tropical breezes in the Hawaiian theme above!

And, since we’re a print company I have to say, “Don’t forget the marketing copy!” Your events will need flyers, programs, invitations and banners.


Those are a few tips for hosting a successful corporate outing. As CFO Mark Bartels from  was quoted in a article, “Outings are a fun break — people from different functional areas get to know each other better in a casual setting. We’ve found that it’s often in these relaxed and open moments that we get some creative solutions and collaboration that ends up back in the office.”

Having outings, organizing picnics, generally socializing employees outside the corporate office is a great way to build relationships, refresh and revitalize your staff.