• August 12, 2016

Head to Foot Versus Head to Head Printing

  • Written by Printing Professional

Printers can print on one side of a sheet of paper or on both sides. Printing on both sides is called duplex printing.

When sending duplex print jobs to a print shop, knowing the terms “head to head printing” and “head to foot printing” (also called “head to toe”) is important to know. The top of a document is called the “head” and the bottom is called the “foot” or “toe.”

Printing head to head means both heads or tops match up. Printing head to foot means the head (top) of the document’s front will match the bottom (foot) of the back.

Why would anyone print head to foot? Calendars come immediately to mind as a good example of head to foot printing and that’s why another name for head to foot printing is “calendar” printing:


Head to head is usually what you’d find in magazines or books. Thus another name for head to head is “booklet” printing.

And that’s a simple Printing 101 lesson on head to head and head to foot printing!

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