• February 10, 2017

Planning Your Gala Ad Journal for Print

  • Written by Printing Professional

The gala journals are a great way to advertise your business. Distribution numbers are typically about 1,000 including the guests, sponsors, supporters and volunteers. Gala ad journals are usually around 50 pages so planning well in advance will help keep costs down when finally sending it to the printer. Here’s some guidelines for planning:

Get your cover pages and any content you can control done first. Ex: non-profit information pages, a letter from the Chair, biographies, etc.. Ads will start coming in almost immediately, but they may keep arriving right up to the print deadline. And make sure to get hardcopies of the ads along with the PDF files just in case there’s a problem the ad can be recreated.

print shop worker

Work with a commercial printing company from the beginning of your project. Print shops have lots of experience with ad journals and can help with the layout and other information such as choosing paper and even ways to cut costs. These are things to consider when discussing the project with your printer and to have quality printing:

Color – Full color, black and white or a mix of both.

Binding – Saddle stitch, spiral bound or coil.

Paper – thickness and coated, uncoated or matte finish.

Design – whether you need help designing your journal.

Before sending to the printer, leave enough time for proofing and have at least two people look at the copy and photos. Spelling of names is important as well as making sure all the businesses who bought ad space have their ads in! And once it’s at the print shop, any changes will be charged. So it’s important to check and double check before sending. And remember, printers need at least five days to print a journal.