• June 23, 2017

How to Plan a Successful Town Event This Summer

  • Written by Printing Professional

Summer’s the most popular season for outdoor town events. After the cold of winter and the damp of spring, everyone wants to go out enjoy the sunny outdoors. Events help bring a sense of pride and togetherness in a community. They help promote small towns and attract dollars from tourism which help stimulate the local economy. Most of all though, fairs and festivals create the chance for everyone to have fun!

Having an outdoor event takes months of planning, but the most successful town events are based on having a focus or theme.

Planning a Theme


There are millions of small towns across the country, each holding celebrations with food stands, booths and parades that attract the local community. Having a themed event gives it a unique identity, making your town stand out from others and attracting people from outside the community. Themes also events a focus or a common point to develop activities and help make publicity much easier. Popular themes include:

  • Agriculture

  • Holiday & Seasonal

  • Local History

  • Film, Music and Drama

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Food, Beer and Wine Festivals

Highlight Your Town or State’s Uniqueness


These themes should highlight the community’s personality, natural beauty, history or other attractions. Having a theme that’s passionate with the locals will get them involved. Out-of-towners will come from all over to visit an event that’s unique to that area. These enthusiasts will continue to come back year after year, in rain or heat.

Announce the Theme with Cohesive Banners, Posters and Brochures

printing_nj (1)

The above photo of an event banner sets the tone for a Renaissance Festival. Posters, brochures and booth signage all have a similar design making the entire event more authentic and enjoyable. Signs and posters also help increase attendance by raising awareness of your event. And higher attendance means better revenue!

Here’s to the summer days of lots of fun outdoors – at our local festivals!