• August 18, 2017

Outdoor Advertising Opportunities

  • Written by Printing Professional

There are many outdoor events and activities such as concerts, sports, carnivals and farmers markets during the warm summer months, so this is the perfect time to think about outdoor advertising for your business. Printed  options   for outdoor ads include: oversized posters, flags, billboards and banners. Plan what event you’d like to advertise in and then select the best product for that venue. By using outdoor marketing materials at these events, you’ll be able to target a diverse group of people who otherwise might not have known about your business!

Sporting Events
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Sporting events have become popular for advertising opportunities. Sporting events, such as local little leagues, have captive audiences of families, teams, and coaching staff. These events are perfect to hang vinyl banners near the bleachers or fields. Promotional items with the team logo and your company name displayed on practical things like umbrellas, folding chairs and plastic cups are also perfect for these venues!

Community Events


Most towns have lots of activities planned for their residents during the summer, ranging from farmer’s markets to music concerts and movies on the green. These are great opportunities for advertising your business. Since these events are usually on the town green or the center of town it lets potential customers get to know your business on a more personal and casual level. Again, vinyl banners are perfect for most of these settings as well as standing banners/flags. 

These examples make up a diverse range, and you can get the best results by advertising at events generally related to your products and services. Advertising at any outdoor event also involves planning which materials are the most appropriate and effective for your target market.

Banners, Flags and Oversized Prints

Banners  are perfect for outdoor advertising because they have a great visual effect and can be customized with high quality designs. Customized banners also help create a professional look for your business and they’re relatively cost effective because printed vinyl can last for years. 

Flags are also perfect for outdoor events because of their impact but also because they’re easy to set up and very portable. Flags come in all different sizes and look great when several are displayed around the event’s grounds.

Aside from the larger signs, posters also are very effective for promoting your business. They’re easy to transport and set up and even can be mounted or placed on table tops. A-frames and easily snap together and the frames can be used over and over with different graphics.

So, while the warm weather is still here, get creative with your advertising and hit the great outdoors to find potential new customers!