• October 5, 2017

Great Ways to Market an Election Campaign Beyond Lawn Signs

  • Written by Printing Professional

It’s easy to tell when it’s election time when lawn signs begin popping up all over the neighborhood. But running a successful campaign requires more marketing strategies than just signs. There are lots of other things to print and we have a few suggestions:

Create a Campaign Logo

Logo designing isn’t as easy as it might seem. Good logo designs are simple and memorable. They also should be versatile – easy to print on large signs as well as promotional products such as pens and mugs. Accent Printing has a design department that’s skilled in creating attractive and unique logos. 

Print Flyers

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Never underestimate the value of flyers. They’re a great way to highlight your main issues all on one piece of paper that people can hold onto and read before choosing their candidate. Flyers and EDDM   (Every Door Direct Mail) can reach thousands of people. We can help with designing, printing AND mailing.


Your party volunteers and followers can walk around towns wearing the tee-shirts with your well designed campaign logo. You can also incorporate a short slogan that carries your political message. Tee-shirts are basically walking advertisements!



Everyone likes getting something for free! A political campaign is the perfect opportunity to use promotional products. These can be given away at farmer’s markets, at homes when going door-to-door, on the streets or any event. We have an entire catalogue and web page devoted to promotional items from pens and stress balls to computer accessories and totes. (What better item to give than a tote at a Farmer’s Market?!)

And… Lawn Signs. Of Course!

It would almost be unpatriotic to not have lawn signs. We carry a variety to choose from and even will supply the galvanized stakes. Lawn signs are great for increasing awareness of any political campaign.