• October 27, 2017

Creating Impact with Step and Repeat Banners

  • Written by Printing Professional

We see step and repeat backdrops on tv for any big publicity event with celebrities. They’re the backdrops a celebrity stands in front of for photo opportunities. The step and repeats are usually corporate logos of the companies sponsoring the event so when the celebrity gets photographed their businesses gets “free” advertising (sponsoring a big event isn’t exactly “free”!) The reason the logos are repeated over and over in diagonal or horizontal directions is so the logos can be seen no matter how many stand in front of the banner or wall.

These step and repeats grand format banners are also good for smaller businesses at trade shows, store openings, sale events or anyplace a company wants to promote themselves in a very visible way.

Another use for step and repeat banners that’s becoming popular is more personal: weddings, reunions, parties, school gatherings, etc. These banners can be fun to design and make lasting memories for the guests.

Our portable grand format banner stands are made of heavy duty vinyle  and require some assembly. They resist moisture and can be used indoors or out. There are several sizes available and can extend to 12 feet high.  Our banner stands are made in America, and we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the products that we sell.