• October 25, 2018

Custom printed calendars – The ideal promotional item for the fall

  • Written by Printing Professional

Successful marketers are in a constant struggle to keep their brand or company in the minds of their customers. With so many choices available, why do so many marketers consistently choose to distribute custom printed calendars to their clients? Because no other item has the longevity of a 12 month calendar. Sure we all live with smart phones that have calendars, with digital reminders etc. They definitely are a great convenience and I honestly couldn’t live without mine.

But physically printed calendars convey a different message. First and foremost, they are usually on display within a customer’s point of view. Consciously or subconsciously, they are a constant reminder to your client that your products or services are available to them. As a physical product, they can be touched and felt, taking your customer away from the digital word, giving your customer a mental break. And don’t assume printed calendars are for the older generation, marketing surveys have indicated young people appreciate the printed piece just as much!
So what’s the key to branding your business with a calendar giveaway? Content. Content includes graphics and text information.

Let’s start with eye-catching graphics that pop. Images that impress you, most likely will impress your customers. Images can be, but don’t necessarily have to be, business or product related. It’s simply more important for the image to continue to catch the reader’s eye. Secondly, make your calendar unique by adding a different product or service coupon every month. Couple that with branding the calendar with your company logo and contact information and you have one awesome giveaway those customers will hold onto.

Distributing your Printed Calendar

Timeliness is equally important to content. Ideally, printed calendars should be distributed in early December. Your customers may receive multiple calendars from many vendors. You need to make your calendar stand out and distributing your calendar beyond December is simply not feasible. With the New Year celebration behind us, your client’s have already decided which calendar they keeping and which get discarded.

So with an early December distribution date in mind, approach your local printer in November to begin the printing process. Have an open discussion about what your business does, who your current customers are, and who you would like to have as a customer. Discuss the message you want your printed calendar to convey. Discuss calendar sizes, binding options, quantities, volume breaks, etc. Ask for a printing estimate and start your new years marketing off on the right foot.

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