• March 9, 2019

7 Brand Refreshing and Revamping Ideas for 2019

  • Written by Printing Professional

Your brand is the stamp of your business. It tells everyone who you are, what you do, and the massive contribution that you bring to the world. Whatever you do, no matter how small or detailed, makes a bit impact. 

1. New Paint Job (on your storefront and in your home office)

Whether your business is internet-based or a brick-and-mortar storefront, you still have to keep things looking nice for the sake of morale. Your own, your employees, and every customer or potential customer that comes around. If you have contractors or employees who work from home a few days a week, make sure that their home office is still in the same colors as the rest of your business. This is because psychology dictates that everyone who works for you feels like they are still on the worksite, even if the worksite has changed. 

You can make sure that your entire business colors are seamless and matched across all fronts. Use the same folder colors, trimming on the walls around the office, and small decorations from places like that have a wide variety of colors in plastic office organizers and supplies. 

A fresh paint job can make you feel like you are working in an even more legitimate enterprise than you already do. Make sure that you keep the design elements all the way around the office and office supplies. We’ll discuss more ways to expand this in the next two sections. 

2. Matching Website Coloring and Logo

Your website and social media presences must be well tied together. Make sure that you get the exactly identical color palettes as the rest of your business. Fill all of your social media posts with your design stamping, including the colors, typeset, spacing, and photo elements that you use for our original design and website structure. 

Graphic design is a major part of your business presence. It gives the “feel” and emotion of your business. Not every part of your business is fact-based or numbers-based. Even computer IT and bookkeeping enterprises have a “heart” of operations that must be displayed in your graphic design and the human elements that you bring to your company. 

3. Business Cards, Stationery, Flyers, and Notices

In addition to graphic design, elements like your sign and public display notices must be considered. Printing needs like business cards, stationery, and flyers are all part of this stamping process. Signage must be considered in just normal business street displays and is a huge part of grand openings or re-openings.

Signage is also important when displaying your business as a sponsor for different events, such as sporting events, competitions, spelling bees, hiking, and marathons, as well as charities and fundraisers. You will need a lot of flyers and signage that that time, especially, so that people see your business as a reliable member of the community, not just a services-based company that only sticks to its own business. 

4. Press Releases 6 Times a Year with Focused Content and Advertising

Consider how phone companies announce the release of a new phone or computer companies announce the release of a new laptop. They write a mini-article about how people react to their industry, in general, and their type of technology, specifically. The mini-article deals with research and thoughts and feelings of the general public about how helpful this type of device is to their lives. 

The press release then ends the mini-article with the revelation of that business’s key new product. This is amazing advertising and gets the reader’s emotions involved before they learn about the new product, which is the cherry on top of the ice cream cone. 

You can mimic this process yourself by thinking about what your company’s industry does for the general public and thinking about small new techniques you will be implementing in your business over the course of the year. Then, write and release to the press. 

5. Get Your Youth On the Matter

The youth of any generation easily bend their minds around the problems of their day. However, until they have earned their place and respect in their various industries, they are often not even listened to, except when it’s too late to do anything about today’s issue. 

Leverage the power of your company’s bendy-minded youth. Tell them how the business is run, show them what the problems are, and tell them you need their brainstorming on the problem. Host a late-night session at your place or in the company back offices. Bring wine and food and laugh it up all night. Write down everything they tell you and get as much detail on the possibilities as you can. Even if something doesn’t work for today’s problem, you will have your notes ready and waiting for tomorrow’s problem. 

6. Detective Mysteries: New Niche Market Advertising

Not every company knows all of the little niche markets that their services appeal to. Get your most out-of-the-box, crazy-minded employees on the trail of niche markets that you may or may not know about. 

Have your receptionists and clerks pay attention to who calls into your business but doesn’t go ahead and follow through by bringing business to your company. These are potential leads that can easily go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of your normal operations. 

There are consulting companies that help you learn about new niche markets for your industry and even for your specific little part of that industry. Make sure that you learn all your can about your new niche markets and how to advertise to them (and whether your current branding is keeping them away). 

7. Go Big, Go Bold… with a Public Company Barbecue (have prizes and competitors!)

Once you have your website design and graphics set up, your offices clearly stamped with your business colors, and your presence announced to the public as much as possible, bring it all together in a public company barbecue. 

Brick and Mortar Scenario: Make sure that everyone knows about the barbecue. All of your clients and potential customers. All of your competitors, too. Imagine what it will do to your competition to have them be guests at your party. It puts you in the position of massive influence and clout. 

Internet Business Scenario: Even if your business is internet-based, you can still have a company barbecue. Get local people and potential customers (as well as local competitors from both brick-and-mortar businesses and local internet businesses) to come and take plenty of photos! You will have material for the next two weeks, on a daily basis, to post to your business social media accounts. Good or good? 

Bonus Category: Need New Colors? Check out Pantone’s Color Wheel

If you are having difficulties picking the right color for your business, go to the expert color people. They will be able to tell you the most popular colors for every industry and which colors should never be used by your company and why. They are worth the cost it takes to hire an expert. Then, you can simply go to your printing and design people and have the entire business remade in your fresh, bold, new colors! 

Your brand is the stamp and trademark of your business, whether or not you’re officially “trademarked”. Your business has a specific set of colors, textures, and emotional “feel” that it gives to the public. Make sure that your company gives the correct vibe by having your website design and printing covered by professionals.