• March 21, 2020

Governor Murphy Declares Printing an Essential Business

  • Written by Printing Professional

In today’s tumultuous COVID19 times, Governor Murphy closed non-essential businesses in New Jersey.  In his speech, the Governor specifically identified printers as essential. Some may be asking why, since people may associate printers with only making postcards and such. But there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that go well beyond making postcards.

What is an Essential Business?

A business is considered essential if it performs a public good. Hospitals, pharmacies, police, and fire immediately come to mind. Where do printers fit in? Well, printers belong to the essential businesses group under “Communications and Information Technologies”. Where would we be without information?

In today’s technological world, information is quickly spread through the Internet, TV, and radio news outlets. But as difficult as it is to believe, much of rural America still doesn’t have access to reliable Internet. And what if New Jersey suffered a days long power outage?

Much of New Jersey did without electricity for as long as 15 days due to Super Storm Sandy, and that wasn’t long ago.

Printing fills that vital role. While I agree with companies that choose to communicate with employees through email, not all information translates well through an email. A printed letter on company letterhead carries more weight in reinforcing the importance of employees adhering to company policies. Additionally, some company correspondence may include forms that need to be completed. And rather than worry about which employees have home printers or a well supplied stock of ink, a better response can be anticipated when the company sends the information through traditional mail channels along with a return envelope if needed.

Filling the Printing Void

While Accent Printing will be open in the foreseeable future, we would like to remind our clients, and any new potential client, that we are here to help you keep your employees informed. Please keep in mind it will not be “business as usual” in the short term. Keep in mind the following:

* Print projects relating to Covid19 will get prioritized. Company to employee communications play a vital part in minimizing people’s anxieties. Communicating this vital information is why printers are considered an essential business.

* As one the few New Jersey authorized prescription pad printers, doctors needing prescription pads get prioritized.

* We ask for everyone’s patience. While we will try to complete every project as soon as possible, please understand our employees’ health is extremely important to us. Any employee feeling ill is asked to stay home, and as such, deadlines may need to be extended.

* Also, supply chains may be impacted. While we are well stocked with inventory, clients may need to be less selective when choosing paper. Getting the word out is the important part of the messaging.

For those unfamiliar with Accent Printing, Accent is and always has been an ethical company. Our existing client base can attest to that. Please be sure, we are not looking to use an emergency situation to price gouge our service. We are simply looking to help you communicate with your clients and employees while simultaneously keeping our employees employed. We ask for your patience and consideration. And above all, we ask everyone to do their part in fighting this virus. Please follow the governor’s rule and CDC health guidance. Please be safe.

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