• June 8, 2022

Direct Mail: Going Strong and Getting Stronger

  • Written by Printing Professional

Direct Mail: Going Strong and Getting Stronger

Getting your mail and looking through still excites you a little, right? Come on. Everyone likes getting their mail, whether at home or at work. That excitement is helping businesses break through the noise of email, app alerts and notifications with direct mail pieces for their customers.

Over at Customer Think they shared some impressive numbers on the return on investment direct mail is delivering for businesses. Businesses, especially those with brick-and-mortar locations, are turning back to direct mail to provide massive returns on investment, according to Customer Think.

The response rate for a direct mail is 5.1% compared to just 0.6% for an email. And when it comes to sales, every $167 spent results in $2,000+ in sales. Personalize those direct response mails, and the response is increased even further.

A Wide-Range of Opportunities and Growing

The full customer experience offers an endless list of direct mail opportunities well beyond a postcard. Printed Boxes. Forms. Custom labels and stickers, etc. Tech advances and digital development is also thrusting the communication method into the digital age.

Integrating mailings with digital elements gives you better measurement and greater insight into campaigns. Measurement elements should always be considered, as they will enable you to replicate in the future.

How Can Direct Mail Help You?

The opportunities seem endless, but honing in on a direct mail campaign that works for you and your business can be as simple as targeting some less active customers with a direct mail piece to run a simple, inexpensive test campaign. From there, you can learn what works for you.

Think about where your business is going. Do you have a new product launch? Do you have a special event? Is there a major holiday or calendar event that you can take advantage to promote your company or organization?

Getting Started

Key steps to getting started with a new direct mail campaign:

  1. Know your audience: Figure out who you want to target with your message
  2. Select what you want to promote: What do you want to accomplish? What are you selling?
  3. Tell your story: What story do you want to tell your audience? What type of mailing will do that best?

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